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Sports and Remedial, Deep Tissue and Relaxing Massage treatments in the comfort of your own home.
Mobile service in Bath, Bristol and the surrounding areas. 


I hold a BTEC level 5 Diploma in soft tissue therapy. I provide sports and remedial, deep tissue and relaxing massage to offer pain relief, injury rehabilitation and stress reduction. I tailor treatments to individual needs, ensuring everyone feels comfortable.

I offer a mobile service, delivering treatments in the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for you. 

I originally trained in circus and then physical theatre and have worked for many years creating performances with movement at their heart. 

This passion for movement inspired me to train as a soft tissue therapist to better understand the human body and to help others enjoy their own movement as best they can.

I am a member of the Institute for Soft Tissue Therapists and I'm insured with Balens.


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The sessions with Kim were so helpful when I was recovering from major surgery.  The on-going pain had resulted in tension and cramps in my back and legs and it was such a relief when she was able to relax these and I could be more mobile again.



Kim was able to help me with the pain in my hamstrings and my glutes misfiring. She has an excellent knowledge of anatomy and provided great rehab advice allowing me to get back to my running. She was really responsive to what I needed in terms of pressure, and always made sure I was comfortable with the treatment. Highly recommended.

 - DAVID, 28

Kim treated me a little while after giving birth to my son when my body ached in so many different places. She really understood what my body needed to heal. When my baby woke during our session Kim was not fazed at all. She supported me to breastfeed whilst she continued her work on my body. And because she was so calm about it all I remained super relaxed. I loved it!



For availability, bookings, info, and free telephone consultaions;


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