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Here are some answers to some common questions, please dont hesitate to get in touch with any other questions.

What do I need to provide?


I will provide everything needed for the treatment including a folding massage couch, sheets, towels and lotion.  

You will need to prepare a space about 9m x 5m for me to set up my couch. To get the most from your treatment its best if the room is warm and quiet. 

What information do you need?


Once we've booked a treatment I'll email you a consultation form which will ask you about any medical conditions as well as your current areas of pain and injury. You will need to send this back to me before your appointment. This helps me to best prepare for your treatment. 

What will I wear?


After I have set up the couch and we have had a consultation about your treatment, I will leave the room so that you can strip down to your underpants and get comfortable on the couch under a towel.

I use lotion for my treatments so bare skin is best, however if you are uncomfortable with removing your clothing we can adapt the treatment to be fully clothed. Your comfort is the most important thing.


Can Anyone have a treatment?


I treat all adults regardless of age, race, religion, sex, gender identity, sexuality, disability or neurodiversity.


Under 18's and vulnerable adults can be treated if supervised by a carer.

There are some medical conditions that prevent treatment and some which require a doctors confirmation that a treament can go ahead. Once I've received your consultation form I will get in touch with you if I need any more information on a medical condition.

What products do you use?

I have a choice of natural grapeseed oil, either unscented or with relaxing aromatherapy essential oils or NAQI Massage Lotion Sport. NAQI is dermatologically tested, paraben, formaldehyde & preservative free and suitable for sensitive & dry skin. If you have any allergies, or if you have another product you'd rather use, let me know.

What about viruses? Do you wear a mask?


I will always adhere to the current guidlines on PPE. Currently wearing a mask is not mandatry for massage therapists but if you would prefer me to wear one please let me know and I'd be happy to do so. 

Please inform me if you have any virus, cold or flu symptoms and we can rearrange your treatment. I will always rearrange treatments if I am unwell for everyones safety. 

How do I pay?

You can pay by BACS (I can send you an easy payment link or an invoice) or by Cash.


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